How to help your child develop self-confidence

confidenceSelf-confidence is a very important ingredient when it comes to all the aspects of your child’s healthy development and a vital ingredient for school success. Confidence is the belief in your ability to master your behavior, body and the challenges you encounter in life. Self-confidence is very important in getting well with others and working out to solve many social challenges such as making friends, competition, and sharing. Children who are self-confident find that other person likes them and expect relationships to be fun and satisfying.

If you are looking for ways to instill self-confidence in your children, here are notable ways to go about it.


Establish routines with your child

You need to establish routines with your child. When events can be predicted, and if they happen in approximately the same way, same time, your child will feel confident, secure and in control. If he knows for example bath comes first, then books, then he will know what will be expected of him and he can do all that’s expected confidently. If day to day events occur randomly, it can cause a lot of anxiety for your child.


Create Opportunities

You should allow for and facilitate plenty of opportunities for your child to play and interact. A play is what a child uses to learn by themselves. Through play, a child can learn how to solve problems and develop confidence that is required to tackle life challenges. The play also helps a child to understand what it feels to try new roles and take responsibilities.



Help your child learn to become a problem solver. Help them work through problems but do not always solve problems for them. The goal of this exercise is to guide and support your child solve problems by offering them a guide on what they need to know and do, and not a dictation on what they only have to do. If they are able to develop problems on their own, they will develop a sense and feeling of confidence.



You need to give your child roles and responsibilities. If you make them feel useful and needed, makes them feel important and loved, and this builds confidence. Ensure that you give them jobs that are appropriate for their ages. You also need to celebrate your child’s success.  This means you are showing your child that you recognize how he is growing and this helps build confidence in them.

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